Henderson Seeks Pottawatomie County Sheriff Position
Republican Primary Set for June 30

Veteran law enforcement officer Ben Henderson is seeking the Republican nomination for Pottawatomie County Sheriff. The 44-year-old is making his first bid for elective office.  

“It’s time for real change in the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office. My background and leadership experience have prepared me for this job. I will do whatever is needed to keep our community safe and the Sheriff’s Office operate in an open and transparent manner to be an asset to our citizens,” Henderson said.

As Sheriff I will be visible and actively engaged in every aspect of our county – from schools and businesses to neighborhoods and community groups – to ensure our citizens are kept informed with accurate and timely information on matters involving everyone,” Henderson stated.

Henderson pledged to have Pottawatomie County Deputies on duty around the clock if he is elected. “Currently, the Sheriff’s Office does not provide 24/7 coverage and that needs to change to ensure all citizens in the county receive the public services they deserve,” he said.

Henderson said he believes poor service is the result of poor training. “I will make increased in-service training for all Sheriff’s Office personnel an immediate priority. Our communities deserve the most highly trained and professional group of men and women on the job for them and that will be a major priority of mine as Sheriff,” Henderson stated. Focusing on state-of-the-art training techniques will ensure crimes that occur in the county will be thoroughly and accurately investigated in a timely and professional manner.

“I believe the Sheriff must lead by example in making certain law enforcement services are provided to those who live both inside and outside of the incorporated municipalities in Pottawatomie County,” Henderson said. “I am committed to making it a policy that County Deputies will investigate all vehicle collisions on county roads and, as needed, on surface streets,” he added.

“It is also critical that the Sheriff is a good steward of taxpayers’ dollars and is fiscally responsible in operating the Sheriff Office’s functions. It is imperative the money budgeted is used in the most responsible manner possible to uphold the mission of the office,” Henderson said.

Henderson began his law enforcement career in 2002 as a reserve officer and then became a full-time police officer. His experience is wide ranging and includes Reserve Officer, Police Officer, Lake Ranger, Investigator, Tactical Team Member, and Law Enforcement Instructor. He has trained law enforcement officials in firearms, standard field sobriety tests, and SWAT, as well as how to properly respond to a person with Autism.

Currently, Henderson works as an Investigator for the District Attorney’s Office, where he focuses his efforts on investigating child sex crimes. He has been responsible for helping administer the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) grant. Henderson managed the budget and ensured monthly goals and objectives were met while working with multiple agencies in and surrounding Pottawatomie County.

Henderson has an advanced law enforcement certification. He has trained and participated on tact teams and task forces, including a Drug Crimes Task Force. Henderson attended the OBNDD Narcotic Investigator School and has training in Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country.

Henderson joined the Army National Guard in 2003 but was injured during basic training and cycled out. Looking for other opportunities to serve his country, he worked for a civilian contractor to the U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East.  Henderson spent 2007-2008 working with foreign Nationals in Jordan, Qatar and Iraq on weapons training and defense tactics.

Henderson is married and has three children: Bailey, a senior and Avery, an 8th grader, who both attend Bethel Schools, and Astin, who is a sophomore at Westmoore. All three are active in numerous school sports and cheer. Henderson and his wife Ashley live in Bethel. The family is active at Faith Christian Outreach in Shawnee where they are members.

“Republicans who want a positive change in the Sheriff’s Office should vote for me on June 30. I will be the kind of Sheriff the citizens of Pottawatomie County deserve and need,” Henderson said.