Dear Republican Voter,

I would be honored to be the 2020 Republican nominee for Sheriff. To accomplish this, I need your vote in the June 30th primary election. The citizens of Pottawatomie County need and deserve a Sheriff with the integrity to lead, the energy to accomplish needed change, and the servant’s heart to do the job the right way.

For months now, I have campaigned across the county, driving hundreds of miles to meet with voters, listen to their concerns, and explain my background in law enforcement. Most of all, I have shared my vision for the changes I would like to see if I am elected your Sheriff.

I believe I am the right person to be Pottawatomie County Sheriff. Beyond my law enforcement experience, I have the leadership skills and administrative experience to responsibly run the county’s law enforcement department. I will work tirelessly to modernize the office and improve transparency while always emphasizing training and professionalism. I will devote the time and energy necessary to make the Sheriff’s Office second to none in Oklahoma.

An elected Sheriff is a public servant. You have my word that I will make the budget and operations of the Sheriff’s Office as transparent as possible. I will always strive to do the right thing because you deserve integrity and dependability in your Sheriff.

There are many challenges facing law enforcement today. As your Sheriff, I believe I can set a positive tone in leading the men and women of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office. I will be available and visible to the citizens I serve.

I believe the safety and security of every citizen must be the priority of the Sheriff’s Office. I also am committed to building trust and relationships with our community by listening and working with families, churches, schools, universities, businesses, non-profits, municipal government, and the county board of commissioners. By working together with all stakeholders, we can more effectively addresses the needs of our citizens and solve the problems in our communities.

If you have questions I can answer before you vote – absentee or in-person – please give me a call. My cell phone is: (405) 259-6230. Put that number in your phone and know if I am elected, I will be just a phone call away, if needed.

Once again, I humbly ask for your vote in the Republican primary election on June 30th.

God Bless,



Ben Henderson
Republican candidate,
Pottawatomie County Sheriff