Ben Henderson has the Experience, Integrity, and Leadership Skills to be Sheriff.

Ben Henderson has 18 years of Law Enforcement Experience.

  • Began career as a reserve officer and then became full-time police officer
  • Wide ranging law enforcement experience includes
    • Reserve Officer
    • Police Officer
    • Lake Ranger
    • Investigator
    • Tactical Team Member
    • Law Enforcement Instructor in firearms, standard field sobriety tests, SWAT, and how to properly respond to a person with Autism
  • Currently works as an Investigator in the District Attorney’s Office, focusing his efforts on investigating child sex crimes
  • Has been responsible for the helping administer the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) grant
  • Has managed the SORNA grant budget and ensured monthly goals and objectives ere met while working with multiple agencies in and Pottawatomie and surrounding counties

Ben Henderson has the Training and Expertise to be Sheriff.

Ben Henderson has advanced law enforcement certification.

  • Trained and participated on tact teams and task forces, including a Drug Crimes Task Force
  • Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Narcotic Investigator School
  • Training in Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country
  • Forensic Interviewer of Children
  • High Risk Event Planning
  • Countering Edged Weapons
  • KRAV Instructor
  • SFST Instructor
  • ALICE Instructor Training
  • Alerrt Training
  • Law Enforcement and Autism Instructor (Mental Health)

Ben Henderson has the Management Experience to be Sheriff.

Ben Henderson is recognized for his budget and management expertise.

  • Recognition award for writing policy and procedures for a police agency
  • Recognition award for writing and administering a multi-thousand dollars Highway Safety Grant
  • Coordinated work with project managers with the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office
  • Responsible for multi-thousand for Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act grant (SORNA)

Ben Henderson has the Right Qualities to be Sheriff.

Ben Henderson is a committed Christian husband and father.

  • Henderson is married and has three children: Bailey, a senior and Avery, an 8th grader, who both attend Bethel Schools, and Astin, a sophomore at Westmoore. All three are active in numerous school sports and cheer.
  • Henderson and his wife, Ashley, live in Bethel. The family is active at Faith Christian Outreach in Shawnee where they are members

Ben Henderson is a proud conservative Republican who loves his country.

  • Henderson joined the Army National Guard in 2003 but was injured during basic training. Looking for other opportunities to serve his country, he worked for a civilian contractor to the U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. Henderson spent 2007-2008 working with foreign Nationals in Jordan, Qatar and Iraq on weapons training and defense tactics.

Help Ben Win!

Ben Henderson will modernize and make long-needed improvements to the Sheriff’s Office.

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